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the bold and the beautiful Is Finn surprised after Steffi Forrester tells him what she saw while working on the CBS soap. Therefore, John Finnegan questions her comments and her line of questioning is indicative of things to come. It looks like Hope will soon be taking sides on the Logan-Thomas Forrester debacle.

It appears that Finn is having a hard time believing that Hope Logan is now pursuing Thomas Forrester. But this is what his wife advises. So, he can act on it immediately in the coming time B&B episode.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler: Finn finds Steffy Forrester’s storyline a little too long?

After Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) confronts Finn about going to work, he has questions. John Finnegan (TANNER NOWLAN) wants his wife to go over what she saw and heard in the office this week. Yep, Finn wants all the juicy stuff, in stark contrast to the normally no-frills Doctor.

But the bold and the beautiful This week, Steffy claims that her feminine instincts sensed what was going on. She tells Finn that Hope Logan (Annika Noel) did some heavy flirting with her brother. Also, she added that she could see that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) was not following her this time.

B&B: Steffi Forrester – Finn – John Finnegan | CBS

Finn is stunned, and questions Steffy when she is certain that what she saw was Hope playing a trick on Thomas. So, the doctor’s wife looked as though she had gone over it again in her mind. since the bold and the beautiful, It seemed as if she was second-guessing herself. but not for long.

B&B spoiler: John Finnegan thinks Steffy is protecting her brother

John Finnegan is well aware of how protective his wife is when it comes to Thomas. He also knows that this is his brother-in-law’s last chance with the family and the family business.

So, Finn may wonder if Steffy Forrester sees this encounter with Hope and her brother. Slightly different because of that. He vowed not to allow his half-sister or anyone else to derail his brother. the bold and the beautiful Spoilers hint that Finn worries that his wife doesn’t realize that her brother might be up to his old tricks next week.

While fans are aware of Hope Logan’s thoughts, so far only Steffy Forrester is concerned. But the bold and the beautiful Spoilers say that Thomas soon begins to harbor feelings for Logan’s daughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler: Finn embarks on fact-finding mission

It’s not like Finn to meddle in any workplace rumors, much less his wife’s. But when it comes to Hope he may be worried that Steffy is seeing something that isn’t there. He can also see that it could blow up if Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) gets a whiff of it.

It’s unlikely Finn turns up at FC on his fact-finding mission. It is more likely that the situation presents itself where he can see Hope and Thomas interacting together.

but it is bold and the beautiful, And it’s likely that for this one instance, he sees Thomas doing something suspicious. Or at least something that leads him to believe that Steffy is wrong.

He may begin to worry that his wife cares so much for her brother that she unintentionally mixed things up. Perhaps Finn thinks it’s as if he switched hunter and prey.

But it seems Steffy is spot on about Hope’s feelings for Thomas. However, to her husband, she may begin to look like an overprotective sister to her older brother.

B&B spoiler: Steffy proven right?

If Finn thinks his wife has made a mistake, B&B can go with, They’ll probably squeeze all the drama out of Steffi Forrester once they learn the truth, but no one will believe her. Then this story will probably come up during his upcoming trip to Italy. Spoilers suggest that it is Liam who sees his wife in action with Thomas.

the bold and the beautiful Spoilers indicate that seven of the soap’s characters are soon leaving for a three-day trip to Italy. But it is likely to be work related.

Steffy, Liam, Hope and Thomas are on that list. So are Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kay). The seventh character who is already shown in photographs from that trip is Carter Walton (Laurence Saint-Victor).

Liam goes there with his wife. But it seems that Finn could not be released from the hospital with his wife. the bold and the beautiful Spoilers suggest that it could be Liam discovering his wife’s secret desires for their head designer.

If that’s the case, hopefully there will be flowers and an apology for Steffy Forrester when Finn returns home. But you never know what might happen next on this CBS soap.

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