Coronation Street fans confused over ‘plot hole’ as Amy faces trial

In last night’s episode of Coronation Street (Wednesday 17 May 2023), Eric sues Amy after seeing her social media posts about Aaron.

Amy then receives a letter from her lawyer telling her she needs to step down or she will have to pay up.

Now, Coronation Street fans are calling out Amy’s prosecution as a huge plot hole. What did fans see during last night’s viewings?

Eric sued Amy (Credits: ITV)

Coronation Street: Amy gets sued

Last night, Abi and Tyrone fired Aaron after reading Amy’s online post and believing her account. Eric was furious and threatened to sue Amy for defamation.

Amy then receives a letter from Eric’s solicitor demanding he step down or they will sue him. Steve tells Amy that she has every right to keep it.

Amy eventually removed the post after receiving some scathing comments online. However, Dee-Dee then reveals that Eric was still suing them all because he didn’t take the post down quickly enough.

Amy explained that she had every right to write that post because she wasn’t lying. Steve and Tracey support her. Eric swears in Amy before leaving the solicitor’s office.

Fans have been left baffled by Eric’s actions (Credits: ITV)

Coronation Street fans call out major plot hole

Coronation Street fans have criticized a major plot hole after Eric sues Amy. He notes that both Amy and Aaron are over the age of 18, meaning their parents should not be involved. Aaron should sue, not Eric. He should just sue Amy instead of threatening to sue Steve and Tracy as well.

One fan commented: “Nothing to do with Eric and Steve. Amy and Aaron are over 18 so why are the parents getting involved? You can’t sue on behalf of your adult son.”

Another person wrote: “Can someone please explain why Aaron’s dad can sue and why he can sue Steve and Tracy? Surely only Aaron can sue and he doesn’t have to sue Amy.” are needed – neither are minors.

A third fan wondered: “Don’t know why Amy’s parents are being threatened with legal action. She is over 18 so should a defamation case be against her? She wrote the post and put it online.” Gave.

Steve and Tracey pledged to support Amy (Credits: ITV)

Coronation Street: What will Barlow do now?

After the lawsuit is filed, Steve and Tracy promise to support Amy. Tracy learns she needs to sell her business and gets an appraisal on the florists.

But, can they raise the money for Amy’s case and help her get the justice she deserves? Will Amy and Aaron go to court?

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Coronation Street usually airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm.

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